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Reach your audience through your visual identity! Sylvie Lillywhite – Partner at

Sylvie Lillywhite and Martin Dieryck are behind They create and design visual systems to help businesses arrive at an identity that makes them stand out, and why clients should choose them. As Sylvie says: “I believe that visual language helps businesses to communicate with people.” Currently Sylvie is working for Centre d’Action Laïque in designing a report to help teachers to talk […]

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Get the best digital presence! Mateusz Kukulka, social media expert

Get the best digital presence! Mateusz Kukulka, social media expert

Mateusz Kukulka is a very special member of Betacowork. He has cooperated from the very beginning to help make Betacowork grow. He is a journalist and a social media expert and works for enterprises. He is working, and prefers to work for small companies than for big ones because it is easier and faster to speak […]

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Gauthier de Valensart

Gauthier de Valensart, IT and embedded electronics expert – Coworker of the week

Maker and engineer, Gauthier has been spending the last 10 years playing with computers, embedded electronics, photovoltaic technologies, the internet of things and, more recently, 3D printing. Gauthier has just launched, in association with GreenWatch, an online tool to help solar panels owners in Belgium dealing with bureaucratic hassle when they move. Property owners can […]

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Tell your unique story with Starsmade by Vincent Bastin

Our coworker of the week is Vincent Bastin. He comes from the East of Belgium and is the founder of a company called Starsmade. Vincent launched the company in 2009 and started to work full time on the project two years ago. Starsmade produces high quality sweaters (hoodies), its main customers are universities in Belgium, France, […]

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A new medical app by Robert Kloots, expert in ICT Risk Management – Coworker of the week

Robert Kloots is an expert in ICT Risk Management and he has created his own company, TrustingtheCloud, in 2011.  He has a long experience in software engineering and IT networking and he audits IT systems and networks for companies to be protected. He is currently working on a new app called Medicaid. Its aim is to […]

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Need some help to promote your company online? Najad Jonas-Menouar, specialist in digital media – Coworker of the week

Najad Jonas-Menouar joined us recently and we are happy to host her! She is a specialist in digital media and has worked for many years in online communication; leading digital departments in companies such as Hi-Media or Omnicom Media Group. She has now decided to start her own project after realizing how difficult it is for marketers, online […]

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Fridays at Betacowork – We share more than an office!

Friday, the day of the week that we’ve all been waiting for since Monday. For most people, the last working day of the week is finally here and you can already feel the week-end relief and start planning for free time. But at Betacowork we have one reason more to feel excited about Friday…the Betacooks!! […]

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Compare the offers and save money with KillmyBill by Olivier Brisac – Coworker of the week

Olivier Brisac has more than fifteen years experience on the Internet. He started to work at Bain & Cie as a strategic consultant on the Internet Bubble, 1999-2000, and he realized that there were a lot of opportunities not addressed to the big players. That is the reason why he joined an internet startup,, a French insurance price comparison website. As general […]

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