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Meetups and Events May Be Your Perfect Recruiting Ground

1. Which programming language / technology should I use? 2. Where can I find developers? 3. How will I know if they are any good? These are 3 of the most common questions you often hear from new founders looking to build some kind of web platform. Putting my own opinions aside, you’ll have to […]

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What’s your “Mot of the Dag”?

We don’t say much over in the quiet room, but we do love words. That’s no surprise in a room where half of the people are translators or wordsmiths of some kind. So Jeremy Blezard – wordsmith, sketcher, story boarder, consummate wearer of jumpers – and I hatched a little project called Le Mot of […]

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Meet The Whiteboard of Opportunity

I have a personal motto. “Make more, consume less, reduce friction”. That last part, “reduce friction” is something I try to adhere to in my work as a web developer. Most of us have had frustrating experiences on the web and now value good user experience so I won’t explain any further. But sometimes adding a […]

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Get on top of time-tracking and billable hours

I got a great tip about time-tracking the other day from Tricia ( @papercutny ), the UXer in the 2nd room, about time-tracking. Use Toggl. And now I do. I’m a convert! It’s only been two days, but here’s why it’s so great. I’m a freelancer and I need to track what it is I […]

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picture of a lock

One Easy-peasy New Year’s Resolution For Everyone

It’s not very festive, but there’s one simple tech / security tip that you can easily get into the habit of using that could save your ass one day. You can use it at BetaCowork, but it’ll benefit you no matter where you are ( with your computer ). Lock your computer screen whenever you […]

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Looking relieved

Movember Got Off To A Great Start

Team BetaMowork swung into action this morning and has raised over €350 already. If you’ve not heard of Movember yet, it’s that time of the year when guys clean shave and then grow a silly mustache to raise money and awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. Betacowork has a team led by Stefania and you […]

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