The top 4 professions at Betacowork

When people with different skills and backgrounds get together in a coworking space, a universe of possibilities opens out: collaborations, exchanges, new projects and growing businesses. This is what happens at Betacowork: our members belong to different sectors and they take advantage of this diversity to improve their businesses. But which are the most common professions at Betacowork ?

According to our statistics the most common jobs at Betacowork are business and management (39%) which includes startups, freelance, business and sales, management and coaching. Secondly, communication and marketing (33%), including advertising, graphic design, journalism, community management, marketing and translation. Thirdly, are IT and engineering (27%) within this group are included all the jobs which are related to web development and programming. By last only 1% of people are lawyers. Anyway you could change the statistics!

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Are you freelance? Are you thinking about starting your own business? Are you working for a company from your home?

If you replied yes to any of this questions or even if you replied no,  you should think about trying out working from a coworking space.


According to statistics, people who work in a coworking space have better focus, they feel more confident, it improves interaction, professional relationships and increases productivity.

About Paula Giner

Hi I am Paula the new Betacowork trainee. I have studied advertising and PR so I am going to work as communication and graphic designer trainee. I am a communications lover so if you need to know about communication just let me know!

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