Shelter for Co.Station members: September for free

This week the news has broken about the closing down of Co.station in the center of Brussels. Just as we did when The Hub closed, we would like to make it easy for those that have to leave their offices and welcome them to our community of freelancers and entrepreneurs by offering shelter to the […]

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Turn your idea into a startup! Startup Weekend Antwerp 17-19 October 2014

What is a Startup Weekend? Startup Weekend is 54 hours event to turn an idea into a startup. In short: brainstorming, business modelling, coaching, designing, prototyping, pitching … with a lot of fun and stimulation! This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in an entrepreneurial environment, meet experienced entrepreneurs, developers, coaches, investors, journalists … […]

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Alicia´s, the new trainee, coworking adventure!

  Hi there!! My name is Alicia and I am the Betacowork´s new trainee. (Sorry, I still don´t know everyone but in a short period of time I am sure that I will know all of you, Coworkers!!) The Leonardo da Vinci´s programme and Betacowork are giving me the opportunity to develop and update my […]

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Are you fed up with working from home? Coworking is the solution!

Are you fed up with working from home all alone? Coworking is the solution! In a coworking space you can improve your productivity and break the isolation of working from home. You’ll see your business grow thanks to new connections and collaborations. The result is that you’ll be more productive and happier! To really understand […]

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Venture Capital Introduction with Frank Maene (Volta Ventures)

  The new school year has started and with it a lot of activity is springing in Brussels around startups. We have already discussed many types of funding in the workshops we organize, but we thought it would be good to have a session dedicated to big money. Frank Maene is a long standing Belgian […]

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Have breakfast with the creative community: #CreativeMornings Brussels

CreativeMornings is back with the September edition! Our coworker Christian De Neef, knowledge and innovation management expert, is part of its organizing team. What is CreativeMornings? Started in NYC by Tina Roth Eisenberg, CreativeMornings has chapters in more than 70 cities all over the world with the aim of bringing together people from different communities […]

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The importance of the network! Emmanuel Guillaud, web entrepreneur – Coworker of the week

Emmanuel is a French web entrepreneur living in Brussels for seven years. He supports Internet and mobile projects around development, SEO, social media and design. He also consults for AWEX with TPE. He founded GEnetvision, a network of independent agents and small businesses based in France, Belgium and Spain that he activates on a project […]

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Why coworking? 5 reasons to try!

Why you should try coworking? Well, we think that the best people to answer the question are coworkers themselves. These are their main 5 reasons to start coworking: Meeting people: working at home sucks, be all the time alone can be frustrating. In a coworking space like Betacowork, you can meet a lot of people […]

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Nicolas Frenay: “An entrepreneur never gives up” – Coworker of the week

Nicolas is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves to turn new ideas into reality starting from scratch. How did Nicolas become an entrepreneur? After years spent working all around the world, from China over Sri Lanka to Singapore, he had the desire to create something for himself and he wanted to have an impact. Interviewed for […]

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