Global Coworking Week 2014 at Betacowork

Next week coworking spaces around the globe will be celebrating coworking and we will also do our part Last year we celebrated with a big lunch and this year we will have a few more things going on. For us the best way to celebrate coworking is by coworking and meeting all the other interesting […]

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Coworker of the week: Yamina Guidoum, co-founder of ProjectWorks

Yamina is a researcher, project manager and the co-founder of ProjectWorks, an association dedicated to build the capacity of people and organizations, from the public, private and third sectors, to participate and benefit more effectively from a European level. For instance, she is currently providing expertise to his clients in order to fight against youth […]

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Putting theory into practice! Sara Magnabosco introduction to Betacowork

Hi everyone! I’m Sara, the new trainee at Betacowork through the European Programm “Erasmus Placement“. After having spent five months in Brussels as an Erasmus student at Université Libre de Bruxelles, I completely fell in love with this city. That’s why I told my self that I definitely had to go back there for another […]

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Coworker of the week: Jean-Edouard Stevens, Medical entrepreneur founder of My medicoach

Jed is a medical entrepreneur founder of My Medicoach, a project focused on the transmition of the medical knowledge to a general public. The objective is to empower patients to take an active role in their own health. As a doctor, he always wanted to treat people, but over time he realized that his real […]

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Do you need a place to work while travelling?

Summer is here! For many of you it is time to relax, to travel and… why not? Get some work done. We have the solution for you: the Coworking Visa. The Coworking Visa is a network of coworking spaces around the world that allows active members of one space to use another coworking space for […]

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Coworker of the week: interview with Jeremy Blezard, communication consultant and advertising copywriter

1. What do you do? I work with another coworker, Gavin Watt. We have a communication, copywriting and advertising agency, called Wow. If I can say that, we do more than copywriting, our aim is to go further than communication by adding value concepts to the content the client provides us. We do more selling […]

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Coworker of the the week: interview with Richard Medic, founder of Happeningo and Soonfeed

1. What do you do? I create live “happenings” online at Happeningo and I’m founder of Soonfeed, the first timeline of what’s happening soon on the web. I’m also a strategic communications and happenings consultant, mostly for the EU institutions. 2. Which skills are required in your position? To be able to communicate new ideas. […]

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Coworker of the week: Mathieu France, advertising entrepreneur and founder of Figibox

Mathieu, advertising entrepreneur for over 12 years, is the founder and managing partner at Media Expo, Mediafield & Figibox. He is currently focused on his project Figibox, a mobile app that will allow you discover worthy physical and digital treasures around you. Inspired by two apps, Hiddencash and Geocaching, Mathieu was looking for a way through […]

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The first 100 days of my European start-up

Today one of our coworkers has launched a new blog about about his startup experience! His name is Mathieu France and today, Wednesday 18 June 2014, he celebrates his 40th birthday. After 12 years of entrepreneurship in advertising, he decided to go into a non-advertising field and launch his digital start-up called Figibox. Inspired by […]

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