Problems to promote your company online? Najad Jonas-Menouar, specialist in digital media – Coworker of the week

Najad Jonas-Menouar joined us recently and we are happy to host her! She is a specialist in digital media and has worked for many years in online communication; leading digital departments in companies such as Hi-Media or the Omnicom Media Group. She has now decided to start her own project after realizing how difficult it is for marketers, […]

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Fridays at Betacowork – We share more than an office!

Friday, the day of the week that we’ve all been waiting for since Monday. For most people, the last working day of the week is finally here and you can already feel the week-end relief and start planning for free time. But at Betacowork we have one reason more to feel excited about Friday…the Betacooks!! […]

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10 Steps to Sales Success

No one wants a pushy door-to-door salesperson, so it’s always important to listen to your client and stay genuine while being focused on results. Reaching sales success is a process and here are ten steps towards achieving it: 10 steps to sales success from Nicholas Bruneau Meanwhile for additional inspiration check out this video from […]

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Olivier Brisac, founder of KillmyBill

Olivier Brisac has more than fifteen years experience on the Internet. He started to work at Bain & Cie as a strategic consultant on the Internet Bubble, 1999-2000, and he realized that there were a lot of opportunities not addressed to the big players. That is the reason why he joined an internet startup,, a French insurance price comparison website. As general […]

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Organizer for Startup Weekend Brussels WANTED!

The Brussels’ team of organizers are recruiting crazy entrepreneurs like you to join their team! In 3 years, we’ve had 11 crazy events in Belgium and the community of participants and organizers is more than 1.000 strong in Brussels, Mons, Liège, Leuven, Ghent & Antwerp. We are now part of this worldwide movement involving 25 […]

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