Testimonial. Angel de la Rubia, photographer and visual artist.

Angel de la Rubia  joined our Community Membership Plan recently and he is taking advantage of everything it offers. While breaking his routine, he is meeting new people and improving his professional network. He is a photographer and visual artist and offers photographic solutions for events and companies. Angel is starting to talk to other members thanks to our […]

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Jonathan Fallon_image

Discover Tricount and Trimaps by Jonathan and Guillebert – Coworker of the week

Jonathan Fallon and Guillebert de Dorlodot have been working on their own projects at Betacowork for two months now. Tricount is the first project they are focused on. It’s an application to organize all your group expenses. Tricount originated from an idea that formed one day while Jonathan and Guillebert were calculating expenses from yet another group […]

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Free coworking, joins us to celebrate our 4th anniversary

Celebrate the 4th anniversary of Betacowork coworking with us

Next Wednesday at 6pm we turn 4 years old :) It has been a great journey so far, with lots of great people, experiences, food and serendipity. To celebrate this and to give you a hint into our select world of betacoworkers, we have decided to do a whole week of open doors and for […]

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Planning a trip? Sarah Visse, Journalist specialised in Tourism – Coworker of the week

Sarah Visse is a freelance journalist specialised in tourism. She manages Le Journal de l´Evasion (the only tourism online magazine in Belgium) and she also contribute to the radio. She writes travel guides and articles about tips for travelling: charming or unusual places to stay, funny ways to visit or travel, nice accommodation packages… in Belgium or abroad. On […]

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rails girls hug

Supporting women in technology: Rails Girls weekend at @Betacowork

I’ve spent the last weekend with a bunch of 40 girls brought together by the desire of approaching the programming world. Well, it was cool! Thanks to Rails Girls events, experienced programmers and absolute beginners (like myself!) can get together to break the ice and start doing things. Once again Rails Girls broke lots of […]

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Working from home: Why it sucks, and why coworking breathes.

Well, I was working at home one day and this banner popped up: “Working from home sucks. Why not try coworking”. I was thinking about that. I first thought “What? Working with cows?” but I was going further in a search and finding out about Betacowork when my charming and supportive wife shouted up the […]

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Julia, World Bank analyst for entrepreneurship and development programs – Coworker of the week

Julia Brethenoux is Program Analyst for a program of the World Bank called infoDev. This program helps entrepreneurs in the developing world to start and grow their businesses in private sector development, including from the design and implementation of innovative business incubation to early-stage financing services. She works mainly with projects based in Africa and the […]

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Cedric with beard

Movember Got Off To A Great Start

Team BetaMowork swung into action this morning and has raised over €350 already. If you’ve not heard of Movember yet, it’s that time of the year when guys clean shave and then grow a silly mustache to raise money and awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. Betacowork has a team led by Stefania and you […]

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Pictawall by Thomas Paris, give added value to your events! – Coworker of the week

Thomas Paris, 23 years old and already co-founder of a startup called Pictawall. What is Pictawall? It’s a marketing tool for brands that want to activate a community during events in order to reach a global audience. Pictawall mixes its customers’ content with a continuous feed of photos and videos shared by the public across […]

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