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Atelier expérientiel pour entrepreneurs (21 juin)

Le club des entrepreneurs d’Etterbeek et le Betacowork vous invitent à un atelier expérientiel destiné aux indépendants, entrepreneurs, freelance, chefs d’entreprise qui souhaitent développer leur activité, ancrer davantage leur positionnement de leader et donner une nouvelle dimension à leurs relations professionnelles. Au cours de cet atelier, il s’agira de: Prendre le temps de développer ses […]

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fete des coworkings

La fête des Coworkings @Betacowork

Betacowork is celebrating “La fête des coworkings” from Tuesday 5 June to Tuesday 12 June. Enjoy a full week of free coworking and participate in many events ! Agenda global Tuesday 05/06/2018 9:00: Welcome coffee Aspects légaux de mon activité: (Inscription ici) 10:30-11:30 Présentation des droits de Propriété Intellectuelle 11:30-12:30 RGPD, contrats, accords de confidentialité Mercredi […]

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Blockchain in practice with Hive Blockchain Society

Betacowork is happy to welcome the gitHive Unconferences (22 May, 6.30pm) Launched in August 2017 by 5 blockchain aficionados from diverse complementary backgrounds, Hive Blockchain Community aims at gathering blockchain technology professionals, passionates or excited people. It first started by organizing Blockchain in Practice (BIP) events every 2 months around a specific topic discussed and […]

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What about Blockchain? (23 Apr)

Indeed, what about it? If you are just a little interested in tech, you probably heard a lot about this hype before. They say it’s the technology Bitcoin. They say it’s a revolutionary distributed database that cryptographically secures data. They say it’s gonna solve world hunger and make better coffee. But really, why should you […]

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Can we apply democratic innovation to customer relationship management? Open Workshop

The Democratic Society works with governments to create opportunities for citizen engagement and participation in decision making. We know that a lot of the ideas that we talk about in politics have parallels in the business world. Businesses often seek feedback to help them sell, develop and grow. Many people feel a stake, like citizens, […]

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SFE_andlitsmynd (1 of 1)

Circular economy for your business. Open workshop

The Circular Economy / …. in practice What is it? What could be in it for your business? You may have heard about a Circular Economy. Some describe it as new economic paradigm. But what is it, really? How does it differ from the current economic model? How is it affecting businesses? Importantly, what opportunities […]

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Louis Movify

BeTech First Tuesdays Event

Feel like having a drink with fellow entrepreneurs ? Join us for the twentieth BeTech First Tuedays which will be held at BetaCowork* in Brussels ! Out of the positive vibe of visiting Startup BaseCamp, Listminut , Uber, Bubble Post, Take Eat Easy, Eggsplore (B-Hive), Parcify, Edebex, Real Impact Analytics (RIA), Kikk festival, Le Wagon, […]

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How Betacowork Saved My Life

Well, the title might be a little exaggerated, it’s true. But nonetheless: each day I thank heaven (or the powers that be) that led me to discover the marvellous invention of economic sharing that is coworking, and in particular the creation of Ramon Suarez: Betacowork. Ten years of solitude For a little more than ten […]

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