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2013 SME Assembly Lithuania poster

All about coworking and SMEs: the Lithuanian connection

Last year before the break I had the chance to be invited as a speaker to the 2013 SME Assembly in Lithuania, to talk about my experience as an entrepreneur with the creation of the Betacowork Coworking Brussels. Hundreds of civil servants from all the EU countries gathered with a group of entrepreneurs to discuss […]

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Une nouvelle tribu: les co-workers! De opkomst van co-workers!

The magazine Glow has published an article about coworking in Belgium. It mentions and describes the Betacowork and shows our pictures. Here is the full article, available in French and Dutch. Enjoy FR [scribd id=143017821 key=key-2eu5hav20laexytrecmi mode=scroll] [scribd id=143017814 key=key-f2g3i3skx1k2bdovr9i mode=scroll] [scribd id=143017807 key=key-1b4snc6ydgww8aad54kp mode=scroll] [scribd id=143017731 key=key-2nbcf8llcsixk47h6fw0 mode=scroll] NL [scribd id=143178547 key=key-jl83vhhn5b1huu5tx6s mode=scroll] [scribd […]

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Europese coworking conferentie: wat is nieuw sinds 2010, met Toon Vanagt

[youtube] Groeten aan de Europese coworking conferentie ! Toon Vanagt, internet ondernemer (oa.,, geniet van de kruisbestuiving tussen de Brusselse coworkers om zijn start-up te ontwikkelen. Het Betagroup Coworking Brussel 2010: [youtube] PS: sorry for the sort post, but my Dutch sucks. If anybody is willing to help out, […]

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Coworking Europe Conference: notre évolution depuis 2010

[youtube] Pendant le lancement de la première conférence européenne sur le coworking on a lancé notre espace de coworking à Bruxelles. Ça fait déjà deux ans et beaucoup a changé.  On a lancé notre espace à 18h du vendredi 19 Novembre 2010 et entre temps il y a plein des choses qui se sont […]

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Conferenza Europea sul Coworking – Saluti dal BetaGroup Coworking di Bruxelles!

In vista della Conferenza Europea sul Coworking, che si terrà a breve a Parigi, abbiamo girato dei brevi video di presentazione in diverse lingue, per ospitare virtualmente tutti i colleghi coworkers nel nostro spazio di Bruxelles! [youtube] Un luogo pieno di piacevoli sorprese, in cui liberarsi della paura di condividere le proprie idee ed […]

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