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Cecil Schmitt

Get to know our new Executive & Life Coach Cecil Schmitt and Book a session !

Cecil Schmitt & the best version of oneself Hello! I am Cecil Schmitt and every Monday afternoon I am happy provide  executive and life coaching at Betacowork.  My goal is  to help my fellow coworkers resolve issues about which they feel stuck or wonder. Each session is 1 hour long  and takes place in the Relaxation Room.  […]

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Felix de Bandt

Témoignage d’un stagiaire

Au Betacowork, les membres bénéficient de conditions particulières lorsqu’ils collaborent avec un stagiaire. Outre l’aspect financier, c’est également une opportunité pour l’intégrer dans une communauté plus large que la startup qui l’engage. En témoigne ces quelques mots par Felix de Bandt qui termine un stage de 4 mois avec Hoolders. L’objectif d’un stage est d’apprendre […]

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How coworking impacted on my business – David Boehl’s experience

Coworking works, it can be explosive! Look what happened when David launched a BOMB on his market. David Boehl is an American entrepreneur who moved to Brussels to expand his business in Europe. He is the founder of GraphicBomb, an online marketing company for the travel industry. Here’s what happened through Betacowork connections: Hired an excellent PHP […]

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Look forward to the big day with a light heart! Aurore Xenophontos – Wedding planner

Aurore started working in our offices two weeks ago, smiling and positive, she found her place among the other coworkers right away. A trained social worker, her thirst for new challenges led her to launching herself in wedding organization, and become a planner. Socially oriented and enjoying working within human feelings, it’s only natural that […]

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Reach your audience through your visual identity! Sylvie Lillywhite – Partner at

Sylvie Lillywhite and Martin Dieryck are behind They create and design visual systems to help businesses arrive at an identity that makes them stand out, and why clients should choose them. As Sylvie says: “I believe that visual language helps businesses to communicate with people.” Currently Sylvie is working for Centre d’Action Laïque in designing a report to help teachers to talk […]

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Get the best digital presence! Mateusz Kukulka, social media expert

Get the best digital presence! Mateusz Kukulka, social media expert

Mateusz Kukulka is a very special member of Betacowork. He has cooperated from the very beginning to help make Betacowork grow. He is a journalist and a social media expert and works for enterprises. He is working, and prefers to work for small companies than for big ones because it is easier and faster to speak […]

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Gauthier de Valensart

Gauthier de Valensart, IT and embedded electronics expert – Coworker of the week

Maker and engineer, Gauthier has been spending the last 10 years playing with computers, embedded electronics, photovoltaic technologies, the internet of things and, more recently, 3D printing. Gauthier has just launched, in association with GreenWatch, an online tool to help solar panels owners in Belgium dealing with bureaucratic hassle when they move. Property owners can […]

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Tell your unique story with Starsmade by Vincent Bastin

Our coworker of the week is Vincent Bastin. He comes from the East of Belgium and is the founder of a company called Starsmade. Vincent launched the company in 2009 and started to work full time on the project two years ago. Starsmade produces high quality sweaters (hoodies), its main customers are universities in Belgium, France, […]

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