Corelaxing at the Betacowork

Thanks to a generous donation by Benoît Rondeux and Quatuor we have opened a new relaxation room at the Betacowork (a.k.a. Betagroup Coworking Brussels.) Our beautiful and geeky models (MateuszGA and Sebastien) show the latest stripe fashion trend while showcasing the excellent hamac to dizzy your friends while video conferencing, the bean bags for un-stuck-up meetings, and the beautiful inflatable sofas to welcome your clients for a relaxed tête à tête.

Jokes apart, it is really great to count on such an improved coworking space with more room to relax and to network. Our members are hard at work for a lot of hours and a little improvement in comfort and eventual relaxation goes a long way to make their life better and more productive.

All this thanks to a tweet by Benoît :) We got the initial agreement using just twitter and then moved on to email for the details. Quick, easy and excellent. If you want to get the same for your office or home, check Quatuor’s online shop.

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