Discover with Egg3 is probably the most prominent CRM on the market. Widely accepted as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of CRM’s, Salesforce is a full-blown solution and also a development platform. But where do you start? And how do you figure out which CRM is right for you (so many competitors out there)?


  • General principles of
  • What does it do for sales?
  • What does it do for customer service?
  • What does it do for marketing?
  • The competition vs. (including Dynamics365, bpm’online, Zoho, Sugar)
  • Guidelines to customize your CRM with no hassle
  • Salesforce in the future (roadmap & ecosystem)
  • Admin Q&A

Wanna compare with other CRM tools? Check out our events.
Please note: the workshop is intensive (no break, 3-hour in a row). Be ready & have a cup of coffee before. Geeks & nerds welcome, but you don’t need to be one (business people deserve a CRM too ;-)

When & Where?

28 November from 9 am to 12 AM at Betacowork (ICAB Business & Technology Incubator). Room Madera, first floor on the right.

Who is Olivier Caeymaex?

He’s a vendor-independent CRM consultant and agile coach. He has helped tens of organisations, big or small (with a preference for the small ones) with their CRM project.
The CRM Introduction Rodeo’s are free workshops provided by Egg3, a vendor-independent cooperative of digital coaches.

About Sara Magnabosco

I'm in charge of marketing, communication, community building and events @betacowork. After graduating in Management of Organization in Italy I moved to Brussels to join the Betacowork team. I'm passionate about travel, coworking...and tea! I write about coworking @GamobuNews.

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