Follow Xavier Damman’s Presentation at the #Betacowork LIVE

We have set up a livestream of tonight’s conference by Xavier Damman. After running out of tickets in just a few hours, we thought there may be some interest to watch one of our members talk ;)

We will start streaming at 7pm. Please mention Xavier and us in your tweets & posts so that we can follow the conversation and build a good Storify :)

Live broadcasting by Ustream

Xavier Damman is a 27-year-old Belgian entrepreneur who 3 years ago left for San Francisco and started a successful startup Storify, a web platform that allows users to create stories by gathering and curating information from social networks.  Xavier will share his experience : how he started in Belgium, why he left to SF, how he achieved to raise $2.000.000, how he grew his team, what are his monetization plans, his errors and what we can learn from him.

Live from the Betagroup Coworking Brussels!


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One Response to Follow Xavier Damman’s Presentation at the #Betacowork LIVE

  1. Thomas October 8, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

    Great idee to put Xavier Live, thanks! But with the kids I wasn’t able to watch the whole show. Is it possible to upload it somewhere? Thanks and great speech Xavier, thanks!