Open a Betacowork Coworking Space with Us


Do you have available real estate properties and want to increase your recurring yield and property value? We have a proven and structured methodology for creating coworking spaces and are looking for partners with whom we can create new Betacowork Coworking Spaces around the world.

Can we work together?

Ideally your location should:

  • Be at least 500m2  (only coworking and events) or over 1400m2 for coworking and private offices.
  • Be in a city of at least 150.000 inhabitants and easy to reach by public transport.
  • Have a space that can adapt to the needs of a contemporary work environment.

We provide:

  • A strong and recognized brand with a thriving community of members and fans.
  • A written methodology, structured and road-tested. Directed by Ramon Suarez, founder of Betacowork and author of The Coworking Handbook, written by him and his team.
  • Management, training and support. We run the space for you, make sure that the team knows how to work and help along the way.
  • Marketing materials and tools. The website, members area, social media tools, etc.
  • Design and feel.

We can work either on a shared revenue basis with open books or paid a management fee.

If you are interested and share our mission, vision and values please contact us with basic information about your location and yourself.