François and his team at Betacowork

François and his team at Betacowork

Passionate about smart energy and environment, François is involved in sustainable development projects and has a relevant experience as advisor to several ecology ministers. He is the founder of MyCO2, a young company providing innovative solutions for smart energy and for the environment, present in Europe, Asia and the United States. One of its most recent products is Neoji: a magic portal to monitor your home when you are not there! Its name has Chinese origins: “Neo” meaning new, and “ji” meaning crucial moment or machine.
Betacowork is proud to have been the location for the shoot of the Neoji promotial video, featuring coworking office, and me using Neoji application on my smartphone 🙂

Neoji is an intelligent and compact device provided with sensors that are able to track what is happening in the surrounding environment, and alert you in case of need (your baby is calling for your attention, your aged parents need your help..) Neoji is also able to track energy and water consumption, helping you to save money and be more environmental-friendly.
MyCO2 has also developed the so-called Green Points, a programme to encourage green behaviours.
François is a happy coworker, and he is looking for skilled people to help him with his green projects, especially developers and smart energy passionates.
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