My coworking experience: Fred Wauters, copywriter and Krav Maga instructor

Fred is a copywriter and a content manager, founder of Ex-abrupto. He discovered coworking after one of his friends pushed him to try. He started coworking occasionally until he decided to set his full time office in the Betacowork “silent room” where he can enjoy the beauty and the energy of coworking.

When he first visited Betacowork, Fred was impressed by the working environment: everybody seemed very busy but relaxed and easy-going at the same time.

Fred has lots of passions, and Krav Maga – a self-defense technique – is one of them. He got some of the people from Betacowork to tryout the lessons. Another example of how coworking helps you to find new clients for all kinds of activities :)

An object that represents him? His smartphone: he couldn’t live without it!

Frédérique Wauters

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About Stefania Scognamiglio

Host and Community Manager of Betacowork Coworking. I organize and promote activities to foster collaboration and synergies among my coworkers. After getting my degree in International relations and European Studies in Italy in 2012, I moved to Brussels to discover the wonderful world of coworking. I am passionate about visual arts, nature, travels and krav maga. I write about coworking and coworkers. Connect with me on Twitter: @kudrjavka, Google+ and Linkedin

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