Goodbye for now, coworking forever!

While I am trying to say goodbye, a lot of  good memories go through my mind. I started my internship 5 months ago with eagerness to learn but I never imagined all the things that were to happen. It was more than just an internship, it was the experience of my life.

The last days are coming, just one week to say goodbye to Betacowork, my Belgian family, my teachers, my friends. And I couldn’t leave without saying thank you to everyone I met on my way. Amazing people prepared to help those in need. I cannot pay with money what I learnt here, what I lived and what I felt.

In particular I would like to thank my team, Ramón, Stefania and Sara for leading me and to give me the opportunity to live this awesome experience.


If I have to say what is Betacowork for me in just one word I would say unforgettable.

See you soon!

Paula Giner

About Paula Giner

Hi I am Paula the new Betacowork trainee. I have studied advertising and PR so I am going to work as communication and graphic designer trainee. I am a communications lover so if you need to know about communication just let me know!

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