Helena Vansynghel, a passionate translator

helena profil enHi!

I am Helena. Holder of a Master in Translation, I am a self-employed translator from French/English/Spanish into Dutch.

I started coworking in October 2012. I was looking for a shared work space to meet new people in Brussels (where I have lived since March 2012), escape from the construction noise next door and spend more outside of the house.

I quickly noticed that the third – and quietest :) – room was my room and that the Betacowork was a really nice, open minded and professional work environment.

You don’t see me that often at the coworking, but I feel like a true member :).

I have been a professional self-employed translator and copywriter for 5 years.

Before, I taught and worked as a translator/interpreter, member of a migration/integration program, customer service officer…But languages are my greatest professional love.

That’s why my business is called Passion for Translation.


I’m also passionate about dancing tango, cooking, travelling and reading.

Ramón asked me to translate the Betacowork’s website into Dutch, which I did with great pleasure.

So for all the Dutch/Flemish speakers and people who understand/speak it, here it is: http://www.betacowork.com/nl/.

I mostly work in the creative field (marketing, arts & culture, lifestyle, tourism, tv-series), but I also translate and copywrite in the fields of law, HR, sustainable development, EU, food & beverages, education etc.

I am a sworn translator and a member of the Certified PRO community on ProZ.com, the largest international platform for translators worldwide: www.proz.com/profile/1184024.

Would you like to know more about my work? Take a look at www.passionfortranslation.be!


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