A brand new recruit at Betacowork – Fanny introduces herself to the members

Hi e554944_104425709750436_1468638784_nveryone, my name is Fanny. I’m really happy be joining Betacowork as a trainee because I want to know more about entrepreneurship and coworking. I’m gonna be coached by Ramon, Stefania and Alicia who are great people and can train me the best they can.

I’m 24 years old, after studying translation I’ve decided to start communication school, to combine my language competences with communicative skills.

In this ideal work environment I will strengthen my knowledge in communication and marketing and meet a lot entrepreneurs coming from everywhere. In the future I would like to guide and help companies with their new own projects with a proper marketing plan and a communication campaign.

In my everyday life, I’m keen to photography, dance and theatre. I’m fascinated by the melting pot atmosphere of Brussels.

In spite of my short-term work experience I want to develop myself in this new environment. I’m happy to be member of Betacowork and I’m looking forward to seeing you, all the Betacoworkers. I’m here until the 20th of march I’m sure we’ll get the chance to meet during the breaks or during the weekly #Betacooks.

About Fanny Nkuranga Ingabire

Nouvelle recrue chez Betacowork, je m'appelle Fanny. Après des études de traduction, j'ai démarré une formation en communication afin d'allier à mes aquisitions linguistiques, des compétences communicationnelles. Pourquoi effectuer un stage ici? Betacowork est le lieu idéal pour un stage autonomne et défiant, J'en apprends chaque jour! Lisez, commentez et partagez mes articles, si l'envie vous prend :) A bientôt!

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