I found my tech cofounder thanks to coworking

George Alexandre Hanin is the founder of Mobilosoft, a company that provides retail stores with mobile solutions. He’s been a member of our coworking since the early times and has nowgraduated to a private office in the same building due to the enlargement of his team.

In this video he details some of the advantages that coworking has brought to his life as an entrepreneur, not yet a million dollar investment, but equally awesome:

  • Thanks to coworking he found an awesome tecnical cofounder for Mobilosoft.
  • He’s found creative & graphic design profesionals.
  • He’s gotten leads for his business.
  • He’s joined a community with a great atmosphere where people enjoy to work and help.

The best for a startup.

Georges-Alexandre Hanin


Georges-Alexandre (simply say “G-A”) is a mobile entrepreneur. He recently launched Mobilosoft a company dedicated to Mobile development for the Retail Industry. G-A is passionnate about mobile solutions and Mobile Social Networks. May you want to discuss about mobile devices and apps, just pass by for a nice discussion… You can also follow him on twitter @gahanin and on LinkedIn or became one of his friends on Foursquare or …

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