A new medical app by Robert Kloots, expert in ICT Risk Management – Coworker of the week

Robert Kloots is an expert in ICT Risk Management and he has created his own company, TrustingtheCloud, in 2011.  He has a long experience in software engineering and IT networking and he audits IT systems and networks for companies to be protected.

He is currently working on a new app called Medicaid. Its aim is to provide emergency assistance when a person is injured and is not able to ask for help. The app will work thanks to a logoprofiles_01319_image sticker that contains a NFC (Near field communication) key: the injured will have it on them, and the person who finds him/her will be able to scan it on their phone using the app, and have access to a minimal set of medical data. But, of course, the purpose is to contact the paramedic who will have access to the medical data of the injured. The full medical record will be available but all in respect of the privacy regulations.

Medicaid app will be free, and customers will only have to buy the logo stickers. Rob has tested the app with some people that were providing or receiving  assistance at home and he is sure that this is going to be a big success, and we hope so :)

Why did he choose Betacowork? Because of the environment and the creativity of people. He also likes the good service provided by the team (thank you Rob!) and the friendly atmosphere.

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