La fête des Coworkings @Betacowork

Betacowork is celebrating "La fête des coworkings" from Tuesday 5 June to Tuesday 12 June. Enjoy a full week of free coworking and participate in many events !

Agenda global

Tuesday 05/06/2018
9:00: Welcome coffee
Aspects légaux de mon activité:
10:30-11:30, en francais: présentation des droits de Propriété Intellectuelle
11:30-12:30: in English GDPR, Trade secrets & contracting

Mercredi 06/06/2018
17:00 Networking apero dans la cafétaria

Thursday 07/06/2018
14:30: 3 Headmassages to win (in our relaxation room)

Vendredi 08/06/2018
12:00: Introduction Rodeo (Get to know your neighbour better)
12:30: Betacooks: we all eat together (miam miam)

Monday 11/06/2018
09:00: Welcome coffee, restart the week
11:00: Copywriting & Creative writing by Jeremy Blezard

Mardi 12/06/2018
8:30 Meditation avec Valerie Chatel
10h: Atelier Télétravail versus Coworking
12:30: skills lunch / grap your chance to present your skills, projects, ideas and find new missions, etc.

We know you are professionals, so flexibility is key.
Register here for June 5th, cowork when you feel like and enjoy the max of this special week.
Invite your friends and share the vibe.

#Growing Together

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About Bénédicte Duhaut

Host & Community Manager @Betacowork coworking space in Brussels. I like to create synergies between people and between concepts. Content & Community are the trends.

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