Naked Pitch Brussels: learn how to pitch with Gilbert West

naked pitch

Our coworker Gilbert West will teach us how to get better at speaking with confidence.

Where is the naked part? It will be only you and your story: No slides!

This is the first of a series of Naked Pitch events, during which Gilbert with lead us through the different formats and lengths of a pitch.

Do you want to be ready to pitch anything? Come along and bring a friend, the event is open!


About Stefania Scognamiglio

Host and Community Manager of Betacowork Coworking. I organize and promote activities to foster collaboration and synergies among my coworkers. After getting my degree in International relations and European Studies in Italy in 2012, I moved to Brussels to discover the wonderful world of coworking. I am passionate about visual arts, nature, travels and krav maga. I write about coworking and coworkers. Connect with me on Twitter: @kudrjavka, Google+ and Linkedin

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