Look forward to the big day with a light heart! Aurore Xenophontos – Wedding planner

Aurore started working in our offices two weeks ago, smiling and positive, she found her place among the other coworkers right away.

A trained social worker, her thirst for new challenges led her to launching herself in wedding organization, and become a planner. Socially oriented and enjoying working within human feelings, it’s only natural that this young creative chose an activity that will help future married couples to lighten the stress that so often goes with preparing for the big day.

More and more independent workers are turning to coworking. It’s thanks to an old school friend, our sweet and dear Katia Xenophontos that Aurore first heard of Betacowork. She sees it as “A truly positive environment full of independent people working on a wide range of entrepreneurial projects.” It’s the incontestable ally to kick off a new career as an independent, to make contacts, share hints and advice and make a new start in your life.coworkeroftheweekaurore

About Fanny Nkuranga Ingabire

Nouvelle recrue chez Betacowork, je m'appelle Fanny. Après des études de traduction, j'ai démarré une formation en communication afin d'allier à mes aquisitions linguistiques, des compétences communicationnelles. Pourquoi effectuer un stage ici? Betacowork est le lieu idéal pour un stage autonomne et défiant, J'en apprends chaque jour! Lisez, commentez et partagez mes articles, si l'envie vous prend :) A bientôt!

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