The Vision, Mission and Values of Betacowork

Betacoworkers with one of our member limited edition tshirts Vision

We want to build a world where freelancers, starters and entrepreneurs support each other to build a better economy and society.


To help and support freelancers, entrepreneurs and professional grow their business and improve their life. We do this accelerating serendipity among them and supporting their local ecosystems.


  • We are a community: the betacoworkers are our first source of inspiration, knowledge and support.
  • We care about people: companies are not people, but we care about the people working in them.
  • We connect: we help people by introducing them to others and pointing them in the right direction. We don’t do their work.
  • We trust by default.
  • We provide great customer service, because we care about people.
  • We think that done is way better than perfect: we always do our best; practice trumps theory. We make mistakes, learn from them, and try our best not to repeat them. We test things.
  • We never think “I can’t do it”, we think “How can I do it?”.
  • We help each other out but try to solve things by ourselves first.
  • We grow and get better all the time through practice and learning.
  • We embrace and drive change.
  • We have fun: we are adventurous, creative and open minded.
  • We build open and honest relationships: we build a positive team and family spirit.
  • We do more with less.
  • We are passionate and determined.
  • We are humble and we are proud of ourselves and our work.