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New trainee in Betacowork: Paula Giner


Hello everyone!

My name is Paula Giner and I landed in Brussels two days ago to start this new adventure in Betacowork. I am Paula a chaotic, creative and multifaceted Spanish girl. I have two degrees, one in advertising and PR, and the other in Journalism but I really love the creative side ( creating nice videos, boards…) and graphic design so, I taught myself. So as you can appreciate in my portfolio, I am a communications lover and a creative addict.

Betacowork is really an amazing company so I think this experience will be unforgettable for me. If I had to define Betacowork with just one sentence, it would be “big family sharing knowledge to get to improve”.

So you are invited to discover for yourself and feel this awesome atmosphere where people just work in what they love and share their passion.

You can find me in facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin and pinterest.

See you soon at Betacowork!

Paula Giner


About Paula Giner

Hi I am Paula the new Betacowork trainee. I have studied advertising and PR so I am going to work as communication and graphic designer trainee. I am a communications lover so if you need to know about communication just let me know!

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