OneBonsai: Winners of the Betacowork & Scholarship

We have a winner! Or actually a team of winners: Dimitri Pirnay and Evarest Schoofs will be hosted and counseled for free at Betacowork for the first quarter of the year, as part of our ongoing startup scholarship in partnership with They are developing two mobile apps, for event organizations and role playing games with their company OneBonsai.

They have already put out an MVP of their event app (Android, iOS) and tested it during the #fashtech event at Startup Weekend Antwerp. The app is used to coordinate and communicate among organizers, sponsors and participants.


The most interesting part is coming now: they are working hard to sell it.  This and the entrepreneurs are the two  things that we liked the most. I know Dimitry from Betacowork and his first company Northstone, and Evarest from the Webmission to Seville and his first company PublicPharma. Two young entrepreneurs with talent, motivation and and experience. Looking forward to a lot of good things from these two!

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