Our coworkers among the Top 50 Belgian Twitter influencers

Datanews has published today a list of the top Belgian Twitter influencers (FR, NL). This is a selection of our members among them:

1) Robin Wauters, blogger The Next Web, @robinwauters, Klout score 67, following 5.137, followers 24.279.
7) Xavier Damman, webondernemer & medeoprichter Storify, @xdamman, Klout score 62, following 417, followers 5.041.
9) Clo Willaerts, business unit manager bij Sanoma Belgium, @bnox, Klout score 61, following 5.482, followers 13.988.
12) Ramon Suarez, BetaGroup Coworking manager, @ramonsuarez, Klout score 61, following 355, followers 3.228.
16) Davy Kestens, founder of TwitSpark, @davykestens, Klout score 59, following 99, followers 2.470.
42) Toon Vanagt, entrepreneur, founder of Casius.com, @toon, Klout Score 41, following 2.239, followers 2.131.

Out of the list but in the article is also Frederik Tibau (journalist, @frederiktibau, Klout score 56, following 2.329, followers 2.117. )

And these are our alumni in the list:

3) Vincent Battaglia, product manager @Storify, @vinch01, Klout score 66, following 585, followers 2.852.
4) Damien Van Achter, développeur éditorial et alchimiste numérique, @davanac, Klout score 65, following 5.439, followers 7.112.
11) Florence Manente, blogster en social media consultant, @flexyflow, Klout score 61, following 1.465, followers 3.453.

Plus a lot of friends.

Not bad! :)


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