Terms and Conditions

We are a startup ourselves, iterating and improving as we face new challenges. This means that our Terms & Conditions page is a work in progress and that it will evolve and change continuously. Whenever there is a major change we will update the members directly by email, but it is your job to check it regularly to stay up to date. These Terms & Conditions are the contract among the members, the Betacowork Coworking Brussels hosted and the ICAB. The moment you click on submit in any of our plans, you are engaged as a member with the rights, obligations and responsibilities that this implies.

Coworking Space Usage :

You do not have to specify when you are going to come if you have a 1 Day a Week or a Half-Time plan. The only limit is in the hours where you can access the building and the total amount of hours you can enjoy.  Spread the time of your plan over the month to suit your needs.

All plans are uni personal: if you are more than one person in your company and you want to work together you have to subscribe to one plan each. The hours of usage are not transferable.

Cancellation and plan downgrades:

If you cancel or downgrade your plan, you must give a one month’s notice (like at the gym: one month before the start of the next billing period.) The current rate will be applied to the new plan chosen. Manage your plan changes yourself via the members dashboard.

If you’d like to update your plan, it can be done immediately (a corrective invoice will be sent.) Manage your plan changes yourself via the members dashboard.

User rights and responsibilities

Your profile and your company/project will be included in the members section with links to your Linkedin and websites. You are responsible to update this information via your member area.

All members are required to update their profile with a recognizable picture of their face within one week of signing up or upon their arrival for their first day in the space, whichever comes first. We are a community, we have to make it easy to know and find each other.

Use as your company’s official address and receive your mail and parcels (starting at 1 day per week plan.) It is your responsibility to ensure that your address is correct.

You are responsible for your own equipment and for your actions in the building. If you want to have your equipment insured you have to do it yourself. Your personal liability insurance has to cover any damages you could inflict to the building or people in it.

Billing, Payments and Deposit :

All billing months are natural: they start the 1st of the month and end the last day of the month. If you sign up after the 1st of the month you engage yourself for the full month and have to pay the full amount. You can come more often during that same month to use up your hours (no spill over to the next month.)

There are no reimbursements of plan payments

2 month deposit for all plans (VAT included.) + 100 Euros as key & badge deposit.

The Betacowork Coworking Brussels and the ICAB reserve the right to end the contract at any time with one month notice, and immediately in cases where the member is harmful or detrimental to the other members.

Any administrative work not due to our fault will be billed to you. Example: changing bill addresses after they’ve been sent

All bills are sent by email and letters are sent to the official HQ of your company.

The payments of your monthly fee have to arrive before the start of the month. You can set up a standing order (preferable) or do it manually.  You should always use either the structured communication in your bills or your client code (failure to do so may mean supplementary fees.)

Betacowork rights and responsibilities :

We reserve the right to refuse admission.

The Betacowork is never responsible in case of loss of mail, messages, correspondence, etc. addressed to clients.

Applicable law

The courts of Brussels in French will be competent in case of dispute, Belgian law shall exclusively apply.