Supporting women in technology: Rails Girls weekend at @Betacowork

rails girls hug

The traditional Saturday Hug. Picture by @Railsgirls_be

I’ve spent the last weekend with a bunch of 40 girls brought together by the desire of approaching the programming world. Well, it was cool!

Thanks to Rails Girls events, experienced programmers and absolute beginners (like myself!) can get together to break the ice and start doing things.


 We know that the first steps are always the most challenging, but all becomes much easier with awesome coaches like Oana, Bert, Joren, Raphael, Javier, Marius, Benjamin, Anne, Dimitri, and many others. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your patience!

For the second time, I had the opportunity to be involved both as supporter and as a participant, and the experience absolutely rewarded all my efforts. I look forward to planning the next edition :)


The thank you notes to Betacowork for hosting the event, in all the languages of the participants :)

About Rails Girls: Rails Girls events aim at giving women the tools to understand technology, providing them a great first experience on building the Internet. Rails Girls was founded in end of 2010 in Helsinki and has now many local chapters all around the world. All Rails Girls events are free of charge: its organizers and coaches are volunteers. They rely on sponsors’ and supporters to keep involving as many girls as possible in the world of programming. Betacowork supports Rails Girls in Belgium since 2012, opening the doors of the coworking space to their workshops.

Missed the event? Check more pictures and posts here: Rails Girls weekend at @Betacowork on Storify


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