Promote your startup! Gabriela Fernandez, Communications trainee at Startups.Be

Gabriela Fernández is a Communications Trainee at Startups.Be. She manages the social media channels and updates the website of the company. She inscribes all startups upcoming events on the calendar and submits news and all the information that their members send them. Fundamentally she works for Startups.Be´s directory and the objective of the team is to gather every tech startup in Belgium. Gabriela has a message for startup builders: 

, investors and get featured in our social media and in our newsletter as well.

Why coworking? She loves to work in a coworking space because she used to work from her home and she felt a bit lonely, and she felt bored. She does not enjoy it. She prefers to come to a coworking space to meet other people and have a chat, do some networking and find interesting people.

At Betacowork Gabriela really likes the lunch break and betacooks, our Friday lunch where one of our coworkers cooks for the others. She really likes lunchtime! We all know that is a nice time to have a chat and for meeting other people, so we are happy to know that Gabriela feels much better since we have been hosting her!

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About Alicia Montalvo Pulgar

Trainee at Betacowork. I have studied Advertising and Public Relations and obtained two diplomas in Art and Graphic Design. I also have a Master in Media Translation (English-Spanish). All my knowledges and experience are in relation to communications, field where I would like to perform my career. I am very interested in the new concept of Cowork spaces and thanks to the Betacowork team I will learn how to manage the communication of this innovative business.

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