Stefania Cao

Coworker of the week: Stefania Cao, Word-of-Mouth Marketing expert

Stefania CaoStefania is an open-minded and passionate professional that loves taking challenges and learning by doing on the job.

Italian, born and raised in Belgium, she moved to Bologna to find back her roots and to study pharmaceutical sciences. But she soon realized that being a pharmacist was not her real professional vocation. Her sense of adventure brought her to Berlin, where she started different kind of activities, among which the direction of a café and a bakery on-demand activity, working in parallel as a web content manager.

Her life took a turn again and after a successful job interview she moved back to Brussels, becoming a communication consultant at INI Network. Two years later she made the daring bet to quit her safe job in the insurance domain in order to take on a new challenge: the launch of Trnd France, the french branch of the leading European company in Collaborative and Word-of-Mouth Marketing company born in Munich. TRND has the dream to revolution the way marketing is done and to put the customer back where it belongs: at the centre of the marketing process.

Stefania is satisfied with all the decisions she has made by trusting her passion and she is very enthusiastic about coworking, that became an important part of her personal-professional balance in life, allowing her to find a more regular rhythm of work and enjoying enriching exchanges with fellow coworkers.

Every now and then, Stefania shares with others her vision of how Marketing should look like on her Twitter account: WOMaddict.

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About Stefania Scognamiglio

Host and Community Manager of Betacowork Coworking. I organize and promote activities to foster collaboration and synergies among my coworkers. After getting my degree in International relations and European Studies in Italy in 2012, I moved to Brussels to discover the wonderful world of coworking. I am passionate about visual arts, nature, travels and krav maga. I write about coworking and coworkers. Connect with me on Twitter: @kudrjavka, Google+ and Linkedin

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