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Ramon Suarez, Coworking’s New Conquistador

Coworking is a brand new way of working; it has now reached our beloved capital city and is starting to spread. Dozens of coworking spaces are opening their doors and come in all sizes and shapes.”People have to make a differenciation between coworking spaces that bring people together and create a community and people who […]

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Learn How to Run Your Coworking Space With the Coworking Handbook

One book to guide them all. This is how we could summarize The coworking handbook, the practical guide for coworkings founders and managers. The book is written in a way that makes it directly usable for its readers. “You buy it, you read it, you are ready to go” says Ramon Suarez about his book, “The biggest […]

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Pic of Paula Giner

New trainee in Betacowork: Paula Giner

Hello everyone! My name is Paula Giner and I landed in Brussels two days ago to start this new adventure in Betacowork. I am Paula a chaotic, creative and multifaceted Spanish girl. I have two degrees, one in advertising and PR, and the other in Journalism but I really love the creative side ( creating nice videos, […]

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place to work while you are working

Do you need a place to work while travelling? Betacoworkers Cowork Worldwide!

Summer is here! Even in Brussels :) If you want to take a break, but you still need to get some work done, we have the solution for you: the Coworking Visa. With your Betacowork membership you can have access to dozens of coworking spaces around the world. The Coworking Visa is a network of coworking spaces […]

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Reach your audience through your visual identity! Sylvie Lillywhite – Partner at MARDI.be

Sylvie Lillywhite and Martin Dieryck are behind MARDI.be. They create and design visual systems to help businesses arrive at an identity that makes them stand out, and why clients should choose them. As Sylvie says: “I believe that visual language helps businesses to communicate with people.” Currently Sylvie is working for Centre d’Action Laïque in designing a report to help teachers to talk […]

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Get the best digital presence! Mateusz Kukulka, social media expert

Get the best digital presence! Mateusz Kukulka, social media expert

Mateusz Kukulka is a very special member of Betacowork. He has cooperated from the very beginning to help make Betacowork grow. He is a journalist and a social media expert and works for enterprises. He is working, and prefers to work for small companies than for big ones because it is easier and faster to speak […]

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Tell your unique story with Starsmade by Vincent Bastin

Our coworker of the week is Vincent Bastin. He comes from the East of Belgium and is the founder of a company called Starsmade. Vincent launched the company in 2009 and started to work full time on the project two years ago. Starsmade produces high quality sweaters (hoodies), its main customers are universities in Belgium, France, […]

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A new medical app by Robert Kloots, expert in ICT Risk Management – Coworker of the week

Robert Kloots is an expert in ICT Risk Management and he has created his own company, TrustingtheCloud, in 2011.  He has a long experience in software engineering and IT networking and he audits IT systems and networks for companies to be protected. He is currently working on a new app called Medicaid. Its aim is to […]

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