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What does coworking mean to you?

How hard is it to describe the concept and the experience of coworking? It goes from sharing a working space to opening oneself to both personal and professional exchanges, until you feel really part of a community. An article posted on Deskmag collects some impressions from people who were asked to describe coworking in a hundred words. […]

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Ending of internship: great experience at the Betagroup Coworking

When I arrived at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels my concept of coworking was completely different to the one I found here. I thought coworking was just a regular office but shared with other people. I could experience from the very first moment that it was not like that. There is a friendly environment here, coworkers help […]

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Hubert de Cartier

Coworking means clients, friends, networking…

Hubert de Cartier is the cofounder of Universem, an SEO agency based in Namur (Belgium). He is also one of the first clients of probably the best coworking in the world ever in Brussels. For Hubert the coworking means and is providing clients, friends, and networking. What does coworking mean to you? Hubert de Cartier […]

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I found my tech cofounder thanks to coworking

George Alexandre Hanin is the founder of Mobilosoft, a company that provides retail stores with mobile solutions. He’s been a member of our coworking since the early times and has nowgraduated to a private office in the same building due to the enlargement of his team. In this video he details some of the advantages […]

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Ye Olde Play and Siesta Room at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels

The all new coworking playroom: siesta enhanced

Doesn’t it look much more welcoming? :)

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Video of Domenico Curcio’s Concert

Watch live streaming video from domenicocurcio at livestream.com Yesterday we had the chance to welcome Domenico Curcio at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels. After organising a couple art exhibitions, we had to organize a concert, and Domenico was the perfect match. He is an exceptional composer and musician that shares his music with a Creative Comons license. You can download his latest […]

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Star Wars Geeks

A testimony of our geekiness by coworker Boye Hartmann. As a random phone rings with the star wars fanfare, about 50 % of the coworkers at betagroup, instantly rose an arm to reveal their inner geek. Seconds after realizing this fact themselves, they burst into laughter. This sparks a, maybe not THAT productive, debate across […]

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Open Doors on Friday: Come Meet the Betacoworkers

A lot of people has been asking for a new open doors day at the Betacowork in Brussels, to be there for the first time or to get a second serving. This is one of the times when they will get what they want ;) The doors of the BetaGroup Coworking Brussels will be open […]

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