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Discover a Quicker and Cheaper Way to Access, Analyze and Visualize Your Business Data – Workshop by Robert Maembe

If you are dealing with big data spread across multiple data sources and spending way too much time analyzing your data, you definitely need to learn about Microsoft Power BI, a leading self-service data analysis tool. This session includes number of demos and illustrations to help you decide if Power BI is right for you. […]

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Build Your Own Financial Plan in One Day!

One of the recurring issue entrepreneurs and freelancers face is a limited knowledge of financial basics and concepts. They therefore cannot grasp the potential of their great idea or project, establish a workable financial plan nor be in a leading role in the valuations discussions when looking for external funds. Stop being that entrepreneur or freelancer that struggles with […]

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Coworker Xavier Corman

Coworker of the week: Xavier Corman and his company Edebex, a marketplace for commercial debts

Xavier is external financial director for different SMEs and a coach for starters (he coaches during Startup Weekends and other events.) In 2012 he founded Edebex, an online marketplace to sell and purchase commercial debts. The idea is simple: Edebex offers a quick solution both to companies that need to have cash immediately and to […]

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Can coworking be profitable-01

Coworking Finance 101: Can Coworking Be Profitable?

    I can already hear the grinding of teeth from some of you, followed by a “I’m a non profit / association / social entrepreneur.” It applies to you too, so keep on reading. When you decide to open a coworking space there are many different reasons why you may want to do it, […]

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