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How Coworking Can Save Your Life

Well, I was going to die. As William Burroughs said, a paranoid is just somebody with all the facts. These were the facts: happily installed at Betacowork Brussels, I came in, hooked up and my Mac’ died on me. We’d shared some high and low times over seven years. But this morning she’d had enough. […]

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Change your seat

10 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Coworking Membership

Are you new to a coworking space and don’t know how to make the most out of it? Are you considering coworking but you are not sure if it will be helpful? This guide will help you get the most out of your experience in a shared working space. If you follow these tips you […]

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Working from home- Why it sucks, and why coworking breathes-01

Working from home: Why it sucks, and why coworking breathes.

Well, I was working at home one day and this banner popped up: “Working from home sucks. Why not try coworking”. I was thinking about that. I first thought “What? Working with cows?” but I was going further in a search and finding out about Betacowork when my charming and supportive wife shouted up the […]

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Coworker of the week: interview with Jeremy Blezard, communication consultant and advertising copywriter

1. What do you do? I work with another coworker, Gavin Watt. We have a communication, copywriting and advertising agency, called Wow. If I can say that, we do more than copywriting, our aim is to go further than communication by adding value concepts to the content the client provides us. We do more selling […]

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