vc conference at betacowork

Venture Capital Introduction with Frank Maene

vc conference at betacowork

Frank MaeneBelgian Venture Capitalist and founder of Volta Ventures, is giving an intensive introduction course to venture capital and venture capitalists (VC) at Betacowork

After a first successful session in September, we decided to give you another great opportunity to know more about how to raise money from one of the better known Venture Capitalists in Belgium.

Here’s the core content of the session:

Venture Capital 101

  • What is a venture capitalist and what makes him tick?
  • Do you really need/want a VC? How to get a meeting?
  • How to structure your pitch?
  • What are the do’s and don’t to get to a term sheet?

From Term Sheet to Exit

  • How do VC’s estimate the valuation of your startup?
  • What do all these terms mean in the term sheet – and what is their impact?
  • What happens during due diligence?
  • What is a value-add board member?
  • What is the role of the board?


Thursday, June 25th, from 11.30 to 14.


Betacowork Coworking, 4 Rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 (Etterbeek) – Room Madera (first floor on the right, near the Cafeteria)

Signup and spread the word! You can already tweet your questions to @frankmaene using the hashtag #vc101.  

Places are limited, hurry up!

Frank Maene is Managing Partner at Volta Ventures. He has been a partner and venture partner at the Hummingbird Ventures and Big Bang Ventures funds, since inception in 2000. He is currently a board member at Awingu, Beatswitch, Engagor and Sentiance. Frank was the chairman of DataCenterTechnologies (acquired by Symantec), Q-layer (acquired by Sun Microsystems) and a director on the board of Amplidata (acquired by Western Digital Corp), Avinity (acquired by ActiveVideo Networks) and PINS (acquired by IS). Follow @frankmaene.

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