Why working from home sucks, even during the holidays

why coworking from home sucks even during holidaysIf you’re English, holiday means vacations. In America, holidays means Christmas and New Year. Is this because they are “Holy Days?”

Whatever the etymology, what’s holy is that, ever since we were at school we anticipated a break: To spend time in the warmth of the family and home. In the world of work, it’s the same: To have something to leave and something to give you a purpose to come back to in the New Year.

There’s also the pre-Christmas jollity and good will shared amongst colleagues and friends to look forward to.
There also comes a point when the turkey leftovers, candy and Christmas T.V at home start to bloat you out.
There’s also:
“Honey, seeing as you’re home, can you take out the Christmas tree and pass the hoover over all those pine needles?”
Well, that sucks.

To have something to leave and

 – coworking for me answers these needs.
It might be that the Three Wise Men are the first recorded example of coworking as they set out to follow their star.

Whatever your vision, I hope your star shines bright and wish a happy 2015 to coworkers everywhere.


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