Are you a non profit or a foundation?
Do you believe that you could have a bigger impact by having more visitors coming to your website every month?
Would you like to get more donations, to get more people coming to your events, to sell more of your products or services, or simply to recruit new talents or raise awareness about your causes?
If so, join us for a workshop where you’ll learn about the Google Ad Grants, a program enabling certain non profits to obtain $10.000 of free advertising every month.
During this workshop you will learn:
– What the Google Ad Grant really is.
– Whether you could be eligible for the grant or not.
– How to apply for it.
– How you could make the most of this opportunity in order to increase the impact of your organisation.
– How we can help you with’s solution.

In order to make this as useful for you as possible, we will try to make the workshop as personalised as possible. It will be mostly based on a Q&A. Thank you for registering your organisation in advance.
See you there!

When & where

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018, 6:30pm-7:45 pm, room Madera (1st floor on the right)

Who is Raphaël ?

Raphael Szmir

After having built and automated, a website with a database helping on average 20 to 30.000 people every month, Raphael Szmir is on a journey to help non profits maximise their impact through digital marketing. He’s now building, a solution helping eligible organisations to increase their impact through the Google Ad Grants Program. The solution helps organisations obtain the Google Ad Grant, as well as create, and maintain an effective Ad Grants account so they can make the most of the $10.000 of free advertising offered by Google every month.