Hi there!!lafotodefpeq
My name is Alicia and I am the Betacowork´s new trainee. (Sorry, I still don´t know everyone but in a short period of time I am sure that I will know all of you, Coworkers!!) The Leonardo da Vinci´s programme and Betacowork are giving me the opportunity to develop and update my knowledge and skills in Communications and Marketing. Although I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations I was working in different fields the last years, like in translation or teaching. Even like that I was always cooperating with small companies doing different tasks related to PR or Event Organisation. Now I want to go further and to know the media tools  that every company should use to have a good internal organisation and to know how companies can be successful using the right communication and marketing strategies in the network.
If I am honest I started to know about the new concept of coworking spaces the last year and I started to be interested about it. I think that it is a great idea as I had the experience of working alone doing translation and I finished demotivated and bored. I believe that it is very important to socialise at work, to change ideas with others, to have feedback and to have the opportunity to cooperate with other freelancers, companies or get more work thanks to other members of coworking spaces.
I really would like to bring here my creativity, fresh ideas (I know that Betacowork group is open to listen to them), to share my knowledge and to abosorb the knowledge that Ramon, Stefania and Sara will share with me. And Coworkers I am looking forward to share Friday lunch with you and I promess that I will cook some Spanish dishes one Friday!
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See you around!!!!

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