Our coworker of the week is Vincent Bastin. He comes from the East of Belgium and is the founder of a company called Starsmade.
Vincent launched the company in 2009 and started to work full time on the project two years ago. Starsmade produces high quality sweaters (hoodies), its main customers are universities in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and even Spain and Switzerland. The success of the company lies with the quality of the hoodies they manufacture. Also, clients have the option to customise them. Vincent is now focused on improving the online presence of his company and Starsmade will have an app soon.
Currently the clients of starsmade are waiting for a special event. Vincent wants to surprise them so, as he tells us, a quite famous guy will present a prêt à porter collection for teenagers. We should find out about it in the press in February!
Why coworking? Why Betacowork? Vincent states that he really likes the people here. Also he has to work mainly from home, and he does not like it, as he is happy meeting people and having meeting rooms to invite clients to. We are happy to hear that he is willing to stay longer with us and that he will probably hire one or two people; because that means that his business is going very well!
Vincent loves the Betacooks, Friday lunches that we organise every week, where one of our coworkers cooks for the others; he thinks that it’s a really good idea to organize this event between members, and he kindly recommends Betacowork to all his friends. Thank you Vincent!
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