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The year 2014 at Betacowork was incredibly rich in cool people, events and fresh ideas. Here’s a resumee of this awesome year driven by  pictures. Don’t worry the boring ones showing how hard everybody works with their computers most of the day will not be here 🙂

Our community has grown a lot!

coworkers rodeo
In 2014 we have reached almost 200 members in February. Then we decided to finnally raise our prices after almost four years of businesses, at the same time that a few new spaces opened offering everything for free or very very cheap. Our members stayed, but we did not get many new signups for a while, so we ended up shrinking a bit 😉  We change prices be aligned with the market and to be able to improve the service and do many more things for our members. And it is working fine 🙂 We have been growing again since the summer and we have managed to improve our site for members a lot, launched the new Community Membership, and are thinking of ways to hire a third team member.
Apart from welcoming new awesome members, I had the pleasure to work with helpful trainees: thanks Sara and Alicia!
But, everyone knows, people come and go, so we had to say goodbye to some of them. But we are happy because they all left with great improvements in their life and business. For instance, Thijs Niks moved to Amsterdam to join the Uber international headquarters!

thijs cakes

Thijs just joined Uber as Senior Product Designer

And the EEIP team was growing fast and switched to a new private office in the same building. They miss the coworking atmosphere very much and often come upstairs to say hi 🙂
EEIP team

The EEIP team: Dusan, Andreas and Juergen

We have new meeting spaces and a brand new relax room with a kicker!

relax room new
And we worked hard to get it 🙂


Ramon and Dimitri

stefania fussball 1

We learned a lot from each other

I am surprised at how we keep helping and supporting each other with our professional and personal projects. We show every day how coworking goes far beyond just sharing an office! I really enjoyed organizing and participating in all the trainings given by coworkers. To mention just a few: thanks to Michel for his Agile scrum session, Nicolas for his sales workshop, Catherine for her recruitment tips, Mehdi for the social media insights and Gilbert for teaching coding to non-coders!

workshop collage
Thanks also to Katia and Jeremy for their valuable contribution to our blog and website (besides, obviously, being a pleasure to have you around everyday!)
Apart from the trainings, we hosted lots of free & open events, like the Entrepreneurship happy hours and the StartupDNA meetups, the Startupland premiere, many BRUG hack evenings and the LibreOffice UX Hackfest.
And we keep supporting women in tech by hosting the amazing Rails Girls events!
Gathering Events at Betacowork

Rails Girls Brussels


We changed the face of men’s health

Once again we raised money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer with Movember. Thanks to Cédric for sacrificing his beard for the good cause, and to Christelle and Martin for being the best fundraisers of the team!

movember shaving cedric

The relax room turned into a barber’s shop for Movember


We had fun!

Betacowork turned 4 years old and we celebrated with a party and an open doors week.

betacowork anniversary collage

Happy birthday Betacowork!

And how could we not mention the Friday’s #betacooks and the unforgettable summer barbecues.
Coworking lunches

Friday #betacooks


We made the difference

cobelgium foto stefano borghi

The first Coworking Belgium Unconference. Photo by Stefano Borghi

The contribution to the coworking movement is another great fact we are proud of: Ramon promoted the 1st Coworking Unconference in Belgium, bringing together the main coworking managers of the country. And he finally published his book!
coworking handbook press

The Coworking Handbook, the first practical manual for coworking owners and managers


They talked about us!

Some press articles featuring the Betacowork, its members and its team 🙂


Ramon’s interview about coworking and Betacowork in Le Soir, 29 April 2014

stefania press

Le Soir, Mardi 28 octobre 2014, about my Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs experience at Betacowork

Union & Actions, 19 November 2014

press betacowork flemish

De Tijd about The Coworking Handbook, May 15 2014

press coworking betacowork

The Bulletin, November 2014

Well, the list of good things could go on and on. We will keep doing all this great stuff in 2015 with even more passion and motivation 🙂
Thanks to all who made this a great year!

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