Global Coworking Unconference Conference USA
Once again the time has come to share the Betacowork coworking goodness from Brussels in the USA. This year the Global Coworking Conference Unconference (GCUC) is in Kansas City and I will have the chance to discover another part of the USA I do not know, with its delicious slow smoke barbecues. (I already learned that the Kansas Cities in Missouri and in Kansas are in fact the same city.)
What I am really looking for at GCUC are the knowledge and experience exchange with other coworking space operators, namely during the unconference part and in the corridors. If you want to learn more about how to run a coworking space nothing beats speaking openly with other people that have gone and are going through the same issues you are facing.
I will be giving a workshop to help novice operators and those that are planning to open a space to better understand what is needed to have a financially successful coworking space:

Coworking Finance: Crunching the Numbers

Can you make money with a coworking space? YES. I am not a finance guy, but in my MBA I learned to care about the numbers that matter and how they relate to my coworking business: revenue, expenses, cash in the bank account… all have a reason and an impact in the financial success of a coworking space, but so do the different business plans, how you split your investments, etc. What are the main building blocks of a coworking business? Which are the numbers that matter the most? What should you take into consideration for your business plan? What can I do if something goes wrong? Come to the workshop and we will find out together. You will leave this practical workshop with a better knowledge of your business and some tools, tips, and ideas to turn it into a profitable success.
Beware I am a no-nonsense friendly kind of guy that uses colorful explanations and likes to make his audience work.

There are still tickets available, get yours!
New Work City Coworking in Broadway, New York After this 3 day intensive coworking immersion I will head to New York City for the worldwide premiere of The Coworking Handbook at New Work City with Tony Bacigalupo, who has also written the preface for the book and helped me find the editor to improve my continental Europe English. This book is a practical manual to help open and run coworking spaces, based on my experience running Betacowork.
I’ll present my new book on Broadway!

Come share the magic in the air and for some drinks 😉 Sign ups here!

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