Feel like having a drink with fellow entrepreneurs ? Join us for the twentieth BeTech First Tuedays which will be held at BetaCowork* in Brussels !
Out of the positive vibe of visiting Startup BaseCamp, Listminut , Uber, Bubble Post, Take Eat Easy, Eggsplore (B-Hive), Parcify, Edebex, Real Impact Analytics (RIA), Kikk festival, Le Wagon, 87 Seconds, eFounders, Xpenditure, Startup Factory, HR Builders DigitYser and Be Central (Zerocopy, Be.Starter, Legal.io) each month, we visit another rising startup at their premises. Discover your fellow BeTech peers at BetaCowork, the place where they started and grew within a vibrant coworking community.
5 entrepreneurs; Toon Vanagt (Data.be), Guillaume Tourniaire (Hoolders), Kevin Françoisse (Sagacify),JC Conticello (Wemanity) and Louis Cornet (Movify) will share their experiences with you, challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Meet the Data.be, Hoolders, Sagacify and  Movify Teams, feel the vibe of what they are doing, how they are doing it, network over a drink and maybe conclude partnerships between yourselves, all on your mission to change the world!BeTech First Tuesdays event is open to all Entrepreneurs, Coders, Designers, Freelancers, Experts, …. of the BeTech community.
Share your knowledge, wisdom and tips/tricks face to face with others. Grow together!If you are BeTech in Antwerp, in Namur, in Gent, in Brussels, in Liège, in Hasselt, in LLN, in Kortrijk, in Charleroi, … leave your little islands and join us at BeTech First Tuesdays.BeTech BeThere !

*Data.be: Data.be structures business information. Being the first Belgian databroker to provide API solutions for clients, Data.be‘s service also works as a SaaS model where customers can easily sign up and find crucial and qualitative business information. Do you want to know how does data.be implemented the lean methodology in the past to stay on top of the game? Excited to know more about the successes, failures and challenges of data.be?


 Hoolders: Hoolders facilitates a co-funding platform that enables investors to find information about startups and businesses to invest. Hoolders invests in health, connected objects, and the silver economy companies. Holders also recently launched the first AI based investment platform enabling entrepreneurs to raise financing in between 3k et 75k € in no less than 38 days.


 Sagacify: Sagacify helps organizations innovate with artificial intelligence and top-notch software development.
Sagacity built a separate product Kosmio, a business news monitoring system, allowing corporation to keep track of any business event happening in their customer or competitor portfolio.
Over the past five years, many mistakes were made leading to many learnings. Kevin will be happy to share some of Sagacify’s failures and learnings from the past as well as how we deal with a dual service and product strategy.


 Wemanity: Wemanity believes large corporate entities can become just as quick as a fresh new start-up. Corporates must establish innovation and cooperation as golden rules to unleash their true potential. A two word quest: becoming Agile.
Because they know how hard it is to reinvent yourself when you are facing challenges alone, we assist and help companies in their Agile transformation. They are the Agile Driving Force.
JC will talk about the mindset of an entrepreneur : The unstoppable drive every entrepreneur needs. Over 20 years driving digital & agile transformation and change, he founder of many companies and funds of which the ADNEOM Group that was bootstrapped through $ 100 M revenues.

 Movify is a consulting company focused on digital applications mostly for the FinTech industry. We are an inspiring community of innovation catalysts who share the same values, culture and mindset. We take care of our people the way we want them to take care of our clients. We stand for empowerment, smart disruption, sharing, and fulfilment. Movify provides 4 services: Digital innovation, UX / UI design, Mobile development, and Blockchain.
Louis Cornet founded Movify 4 years ago. The team now counts 40+ awesome talents. Louis believes that people are genuinely good and his objective is to help people around him grow. His driver is to ensure fulfilment for everyone in his team allowing each one to be in the driver seat of his career… and of the company. Louis will share insights about the culture of Empowerment at Movify, about giving Freedom & Responsibilities, about the successes and failures experienced when putting such a culture in place.

When & Where?

Tuesday 06 February 2018, 7PM within Betacowork

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