Thanks to one of my coworkers, Christian De Neef, I learnt about CreativeMornings: a monthly breakfast lecture series taking place in Brussels. Christian is passionate about learning, knowledge and innovation management and he is supporting the CreativeMornings organizing team.
The team came to Betacowork for some shooting to include in the promotional video, and here is the result!
The team got accepted by CreativeMornings headquarters in New York to host the event for Brussels and we are very proud to have given a small support to their initiative by showing Betacowork creative vibes in the shooting 🙂
What is CreativeMornings?
Started in NYC by Tina Roth Eisenberg, CreativeMornings has chapters in more than 70 cities all over the world. And Brussels has very recently become one of them. Brussels is a very diverse city, with a multitude of nationalities, cultures and languages. CreativeMornings Brussels aims to bring together people from these different communities, connect and inspire them throughout monthly meetings.
Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk followed by an informal discussion and a cup of coffee. The sessions are inspiring and can be also an interesting networking opportunity.
Talks deal with creativity from multiple angles, including art, business and technology. Each month has its global theme.
Creative mornings brussels
The first event was on May 16, with a presentation of Dr. Eric Corijn (available online), urban philosopher, on the theme of Freedom and urbanity.
Next talks:
June 20 – Louis-Philippe Loncke, explorer, adventurer and motivational speaker, will talk about what pushed him to undertake his world-first solo walking expeditions and what he has learned about risk and self control, mental and physical planning. He will also reveal his ultimate luxury item for an expedition.. Registrations are open!
July 11 – Frederic Rozier, design expert, on the theme of Heritage.
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