The Circular Economy / …. in practice

  • What is it?

  • What could be in it for your business?

You may have heard about a Circular Economy. Some describe it as new economic paradigm. But what is it, really? How does it differ from the current economic model? How is it affecting businesses? Importantly, what opportunities and challenges does a Circular Economy bring and how could you start exploring these in the context of your own business?
These questions are the focus of a workshop organized for Betacowork & Icab members.
Should you not be a member, drop us a line and we will welcome you.

When & Where?

Tuesday February 13th at 15:30-17.00, Room Azzar, Betacowork


Who is Stefan?

 The workshop is facilitated by Betacoworker Stefán Einarsson. Stefán is an experienced consultant on issues related to sustainable and responsible business and is currently pursuing an MBA on Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy at Bradford University.