Yesterday we had an awesome Tech Startup Day that brought together a lot of tech starters and the associations, institutions and companies that support them, under the organization of Karen, Katarina, Michelle and their volunteer team did a great job and managed what I think is a milestone in our local ecosystem: got over 400 people to support the event by buying their own tickets.
popup-coworking-brussels-betacowork-tech-startup-day-2013-paper-social-networkWe participated creating a pop-up coworking and bringing part of the serendipity we accelerate at Betacowork by creating a physical wall of status updates, where the attendees could ask for help or make announcements and be contacted via Twitter. The tool we used also created an online version, where you can see the faces, read their updates, select profiles by skill, and contact them directly via Twitter:
MoniPeni image wall 2013-09-20 11-31-18
We got 79 profiles and a lot of exchanges, plus people tweeting and tanking pictures of the profiles to keep the contact.
If you want to use Monipeni for your event Nilo Velez is the man to talk to 🙂

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