From today on, the Betagroup Coworking Brussels (Betacowork) is a new member of the Coworking Visa🙂What is the coworking visa?
The coworking visa is a network of coworking spaces around the world that allows active members of one space to use another coworking space when travelling, gratis for up to 3 days. The full list of spaces (there are a lot of them!) and conditions is listed in the coworking visa wiki.

What are the advantages for the Betacoworkers? 

You have free access with your Betacowork membership to dozens of coworking spaces around the world, where you can work when you travel. Some are around the corner, like aspace and Burooz, in Antwerp, and La Cantine, in Paris. Others are much farther away like those in California (specially interesting for all our members that take part in the Webmission.)
On top of this, we will host coworkers from all around the world that will enrich our community with their ideas and projects.

Cowork, travel and enjoy!
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