Eric Rodriguez is a developer and co-founder of, a company born as a start-up weekend project in January 2011. aims to disrupt the information about Belgian companies, and it put them in an easy way for people to find financial, contact informations and publications. offers a free search tool, but also an alert subscription that allow costumers to receive updates as soon as any Belgian company publishes official information.
Eric is a coworker since the opening of Betacowork, at first it was an easy choice, it’s really near from his home and Ramon Suarez, the founder of the coworking space, is a friend. Here he met a lot of people to share informations, ideas and to connect with. He also came across Toon Vanagt, his co-founder, in the submarine conference room at Betacowork.
One of the best aspect of coworking at Betacowork? Sharing ideas and have an immediate feedback about your work.
If you want to start a big data project or just want know more about big data, e-business, innovation projects & ventures, Eric is the right person to talk to.
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