As the Coworking Europe Conference is coming, we decided to make a tour in different languages to show the current state of our space and say hi to the colleagues from around the globe that we are going to meet in Paris. We already have three rooms for members plus theBetaPlex where we welcome everybody from the building. The last room still needs to be fully furnished, and we are probably gonna have to open a waiting list soon if we keep on growing our community at this pace. Quite a change from this!

The Betagroup Coworking Brussels currently hosts over 160 profesionals that share much more than a desk. Trust and willingness to share and help make it a great place to develop new opportunities, build relationships (not only networking), learn, work and have fun.
And I love to be here every single day 🙂
We are so looking forward to meeting all the other coworking space owners. It is going to be awesome, like all the coworking conferences.

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