The Democratic Society works with governments to create opportunities for citizen engagement and participation in decision making. We know that a lot of the ideas that we talk about in politics have parallels in the business world. Businesses often seek feedback to help them sell, develop and grow. Many people feel a stake, like citizens, in the brands and services they use.
In this workshop, we’re mashing up democracy with the world of business to explore how we can manage relationships and communication with your communities and stakeholders, however you define them.
How is government currently listening to people? Can we apply democratic innovation to managing customer relationships? Could the way that business interacts with its customers teach government a thing or two? What about initiatives inside the workplace itself?
Help us to explore these questions and more in an hour long participative workshop. We hope you’ll come away with a new idea!

When & Where?

Monday 26 February 2018, 11AM to 12AM room Azzar, within Betacowork


What is

The Democratic Society works to create opportunities for people to become involved in the decisions that affect their lives and for them to have the skills to do this effectively. We support governments, parliaments and any organisation that wants to involve people in decision making to be transparent, open and welcoming of participation. We actively support spaces, places and processes to make this happen. / @demsoc

Who are Anthony and Kelly?

Anthony Zacharzewski is the President of The Democratic Society. Tweets @anthonyzach
Kelly McBride is the European Network Lead at The Democratic Society. Tweets @kelly_mcb