It’s all change in the Betagroup Coworking gallery this week as we welcome photographer and digital artist Alison Cornford-Matheson. Alison will be exhibiting her Forgotten Postcard series here the next 6 weeks.
At first glance, people often think her works are paintings or reproductions of old photos, but all of Alison’s Digital Art begins with a photograph she has taken, often of a timeless, iconic landmark. She then uses PhotoShop to create a digital collage, by adding layers of texture, text and other found objects to make a modern image look ancient.
The Forgotten Postcards series is much larger than selection seen on display at the BetaGroup and is available as a book
Alison is also a freelance travel photographer who specialises in garden photography and scenic travel photography. She also does retouching, photo restorations and is available for commissions and assignment work.
Her website is
During May, Alison will also be exhibiting some of her other photography at a temporary gallery that I’m opening this week called but more about that in tomorrow’s post!
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