Microsoft Dynamics (now Dynamics365) is one of the most powerful CRM on the market. But where do you start? And how do you figure out which CRM is right for you (so many competitors out there)?


  • General principles of Dynamics CRM
  • What does it do for sales?
  • What does it do for customer service?
  • What does it do for marketing?
  • The competition vs. Dynamics365 (including Salesforce, bpm’online, Zoho, Sugar)
  • Guidelines to customize your CRM with no hassle
  • Dynamics365 in the future (road map & ecosystem)
  • Admin Q&A

Wanna compare with other CRM tools? More events coming soon…
Please note: the workshop is intensive (no break, 3-hour in a row). Be ready & have a cup of coffee before. Geeks & Nerds welcome, but you don’t need to be one (business people deserve a CRM too 😉

When & Where?

19 of October from 9 AM to 12 PM at Betacowork (ICAB Business & Technology Incubator). Room Plane 2.

Who is the speaker?

Your speaker, Kirill Mikhaltsov, is a certified Dynamics administrator. He has helped tens of organisations, big or small (with a preference for the small ones) with their Dynamics CRM project.
The CRM Introduction Rodeo’s are free workshops provided by Egg3, a vendor-independent cooperative of digital coaches.